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In 2010 the company ECO GREEN AND BLUE was founded in Ciudad Del Carmen, then focused on seawater desalination for offshore processes.

In 2011, with RedFox, we ventured into the treatment of wastewater (black and gray) for safe discharge. As a result of these successes, we became familiar with the mechanics and became familiar with the highest quality equipment and supplies available in the industry for handling water and other fluids.


We are suppliers of products and services for the treatment, separation and handling of industrial fluids for the oil and marine sector in the Gulf of Mexico. 


To become the reliable business partner that offers the most innovative products and services, technology and performance.


Quality & Safety
It is the letter of presentation of our human capital in each of the activities to be performed.
To be at the forefront of industry innovations as well as new requirements and regulations that our products and services must meet.
Dedication & Commitment
Nothing is impossible, we know what we do.
Ethics and non-corruption
In our interactions with employees, customers, suppliers, partners and the environment. We are convinced that honest work brings the greatest benefits to everyone involved in our operations.
Social Responsibility and Sustainability
We focus on playing our role with the least possible environmental impact. We are conscious of the place in which we operate, seeking to return a positive impact to the community and the environment.