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ECO Green & Blue is committed to its customers not only in supplying equipment and spare parts. Alfa Laval's 360° service portfolio is the concept of guaranteed uptime, optimization and availability of your equipment, which will help you maximize the return on your investment by extending the lifetime of your equipment. As your industrial operations develop and change over time, Alfa Laval engineers will help you optimize your equipment to meet evolving needs. Genuine Alfa Laval replacement parts effectively protect the operational reliability of your equipment at the lowest total cost of ownership.

Portfolio of
360° Service



Commissioning for high performance After installation, Alfa Laval's specialist engineers take care of all important aspects to ensure that both the equipment and the process perform as expected.

  •  Alfa Laval engineers perform tests and performance checks.
  •  They provide training to the operators.
  •  They are in charge of the operational transition, documented in a certificate of acceptance.
  • They make follow-up visits to check the performance of the systems.

For a successful commissioning

Alfa Laval service engineers can come to your site during the most critical phase of commissioning. This saves you time and money and also provides you with additional information on safety and security measures. In this way, they will confirm that the installation has been carried out in accordance with requirements. You can make sure that you start up and adjust your equipment smoothly to ensure reliable operation and maximum uptime.

  •  Alfa Laval engineers supervise commissioning and check nearby eq
  •  They offer suggestions on how to carry out a good preparation prior to start-up.
  • Training is available (optional package).

Enjoy complete peace of mind.

Correct and safe installation of your equipment ensures smooth operation and maintenance throughout the life cycle of the machine, ultimately saving you money as well as time. Our experts have extensive experience in equipment installation, so you can be sure that your equipment will be correctly installed according to the latest requirements.

  •  Alfa Laval engineers install all new equipment according to agreed conditions.
  •  They can assist you with specific equipment parts and modules, as well as entire plants.
  • Alfa Laval engineers plan your location for future maintenance or repair.

Adequate commissioning to ensure reliable operation

Our experts can come to your site to assist you in the most important phase of installation and commissioning. This will ensure that the installation is carried out in accordance with your requirements, saving you time and money. Installation supervision enables experts to safely and smoothly perform start-up and subsequent adjustment of the machinery to ensure reliable operation and maximum uptime.

  •  They check nearby equipment, systems and controls.
  •  They advise on start-up, installation and duct looping procedures.
  •  They supervise the actual installation to ensure that Alfa Laval's high quality standards have been followed.
  •  They provide an optional training package.
  •  Provide an optional training package.


Ensure the availability of essential spare parts

Exclusive Stock is a strategic service that allows you to ensure that that critical piece of your equipment is always in the right place at the right time. By reserving your company's most essential spare parts in one of our global distribution centers, you can guarantee their availability while reducing your inventory, labor and administration costs.

We ship the same day you order Keeping your own stock means high storage costs. But with the Exclusive Stock service, you have access to essential, high-quality spare parts that are shipped the same day you order them. Use Exclusive Stock when you need to ensure the availability of those unique, must-have parts, when you need a particular part to comply with safety and environmental regulations, or when you have strategic reasons to optimize your stock management.

  •  They determine your needs and provide you with a recommendation to optimize your inventory parts.
  •  They manufacture, stock and manage spare parts designed to your specifications for a monthly fee.
  •  They reserve the essential parts especially for you. When you need them, just let them know and they will send them to you.

Phone support

En caso de tener alguna duda sobre un producto o servicio, haremos todo lo posible para solucionar sus dudas a través del teléfono. Si necesita la ayuda presencial de uno de nuestros ingenieros de servicio, le ayudaremos a gestionar este servicio de la forma más rápida posible. Nuestros técnicos realizarán una evaluación rápida del problema e identificarán los pasos a seguir. Su objetivo es nuestro objetivo: evitar cualquier interrupción en su línea de producción.

Technical documentation

Having technical documentation means less waiting time for orders, while allowing you to manage them properly during day-to-day operations. Accurate documentation also makes it easier for you to certify and audit equipment when you need it, and to perform procedures on it more easily when you need maintenance.

Technical documentation comes in handy when documents are lost, when you need to pass an audit or inspection, or when wear and tear on a piece of equipment requires ordering new parts.


Alfa Laval training is designed to stimulate your team, increase their capacity, improve their skills and motivate them to achieve optimal performance of your systems and equipment. Learn how to increase efficiency on your production line, maintain your energy expenditure and minimize your impact on the environment.

Alfa Laval systems and equipment can help you increase your production efficiency, keep energy costs down and minimize your impact on the environment. With proper operation and maintenance by our most competent personnel, your equipment will achieve its full potential. Trained personnel increase productivity and safety Proper use and planned maintenance of Alfa Laval systems and equipment is essential for peak performance, reduced operating costs and the elimination of unplanned downtime. It will benefit your bottom line while extending the life of your equipment. Training will also contribute to the safety of your personnel and equipment.

Problem resolution

Our experienced and highly trained troubleshooters provide you with immediate assistance both offshore and onshore should you need help troubleshooting your Alfa Laval equipment. We find the cause of unplanned outages and ensure that your equipment performs at its best. We also identify and prevent dangerous situations to improve working conditions for your workforce.

Contact our technical support when you identify a drop in performance, when unexplained deviations from operational requirements occur, when you see process disturbances or when your energy consumption is unusually high.

  •  They identify the original cause of the problem and propose corrective actions to avoid future disturbances.
  •  They make sure that the problem has been corrected.
  • They provide detailed analyses and recommendations on other areas for improvement.


Commissioning for high performance

By contracting an upgrade, you will keep up with the ever-changing demands that affect industrial processes, such as those related to higher capacity, lower energy consumption and higher product quality.

Our wide range of upgrade solutions ensures that your Alfa Laval equipment includes the latest technology and continues to meet current and future requirements.

  •  They help you study the different options for upgrading your equipment during a maintenance or major repair service.
  •  They recommend new solutions that adapt to the changing needs of your equipment or plants.
  • They provide solutions that include control upgrades to improve equipment automation.

Optimize the performance of your equipment

All Alfa Laval equipment can be easily adapted. So when you need to make changes at the process or capacity level, our specialists can redesign them to optimize the process or increase its efficiency.

  •  They provide solutions to adapt your needs as they change, whether it's process requirements, process states, media changes, capacity changes, changes in legislation, or changes in energy requirements.
  • They provide a comprehensive proposal along with a time plan, associated costs and the expected outcome of the equipment.
Upgrade your equipment

When it is difficult to perform repairs on an obsolete unit, replacing it allows you to analyze new opportunities for further optimization and higher performance of your processes. Therefore, we provide you with the best support service with the available upgrades and timing to replace your equipment.

  •  Replace your obsolete equipment with upgraded equipment.
  •  They help you find the right solution to address your current needs with our wide range of products and solutions.
  • They ensure that your production lines or on-board systems can continue to operate without interruption during the repl


More information to optimize performance

Knowing the condition of your equipment will allow you to ensure production, improve its protection and increase its life cycle. Through a condition audit, our specialists can analyze the mechanical condition of your equipment, as well as the need for cleaning or repair.

It is important to perform a condition audit when you modify the conditions of a process, when you have vital equipment for your production processes and also when your equipment has an obsolete installation.

  •  They collect and analyze the data available to you and perform an on-site inspection to study the condition of your equipment.
  •  They agree with you on possible measures to optimize equipment performance: maintenance plan, strategic spare parts, cleaning services or upgrades.
  • They deliver a comprehensive report with everything they have found and their recommendations.

Performing the service at the right time

Receive an optimized service plan for your rotating equipment based on actual data from sensors, critical monitoring elements or process parameters. Algorithms developed by our top specialists analyze specific vibration patterns to produce relevant reports with key recommendations. This ensures that your equipment performs properly and allows you to plan your maintenance.

Online services

By opting for online services, you will receive frequent reports based on extensive and continuous analysis of vibration data. And to give you the peace of mind you deserve, you can receive alarm reports that will let you know instantly if any components fail or if any other issues arise with your equipment.

Offline service

The offline service is based on a mobile device that you will get to download the information at a specific time.

Prediction of maintenance requirements

Knowing the actual operating performance of the equipment allows optimizing the frequency of maintenance, which results in increased production reliability and reduced costs.

As a result, steps are taken to accurately predict maintenance requirements and optimize the frequency of services. All of this is aimed at identifying equipment in need of maintenan

  •  They perform a visual inspection of the installed equipment.
  •  They check the operating parameters of the equipment.
  •  They obtain information on the usual maintenance and operation procedures of the equipment.
  • They deliver a comprehensive report with all their analysis and recommendations.


Specially trained experts at your service.

To keep your equipment performing at the expected level and maintain safe operation, accuracy is key. Alfa Laval service engineers are specially trained to calibrate highly specialized equipment. The right solution to meet regulatory requirements while optimizing the performance of your operations.

Prevent problems before they happen

Performing maintenance only when your machines need it ensures the operational reliability and performance of your equipment. Preventive maintenance minimizes unplanned downtime, extends equipment life and reduces workplace accidents. It also allows you to plan the use of your resources and reduce spare parts inventory.

Preventive maintenance is performed as an individual service when your equipment has been in operation for a certain number of hours and at a fixed frequency to avoid unplanned downtime. This service can also be integrated into a performance agreement.

  •  They analyze the states of machines in operation.
  •  They determine a specific maintenance periodicity based on several factors, including the type of application and the use and condition of the equipment.
  •  They provide original spare parts.
  • They perform maintenance on board a vessel, platform, plant or at one of the nearest Alfa Laval service centers.

Extend the life of your equipment

Keeping equipment clean can be vitally important to process efficiency. Thanks to cleaning services, process surfaces are restored to optimum condition, which in turn reduces maintenance costs and extends the life cycle of equipment. And, by saving on energy costs, you will also be saving on operating costs.

  •  They recommend different cleaning solutions depending on the equipment and its application.
  •  They provide cleaning services for other brands of equipment.
  •  They perform on-site and on-board cleaning services.
  •  Cleaning services for all types of situations. Alfa Laval offers a variety of mechanical or chemical cleaning-in-place (CIP) systems and cleaning products specially designed and engineered to remove sediment from equipment. We use only chemicals that are specially designed for these applications and are environmentally friendly.
  •  Cleaning in place systems. You can choose from a wide range of Alfa Laval CIP modules and systems, made of stainless steel (or polyethylene for compact modules). Special CIP modules can also be designed on request for larger heat exchangers or for hazardous areas requiring explosion-proof equipment.
  •  Cleaning chemicals. To ensure safe removal of unwanted contaminants from equipment surfaces, Alfa Laval recommends specially designed cleaning agents that are non-toxic and have a low environmental impact. These products have passed stringent laboratory tests, ensuring that the surface materials of gasketed equipment and heating equipment are preserved.
  • Other chemicals. In addition to chemical cleaning agents, Alfa Laval also has a range of alternative chemicals to improve the efficiency of separation equipment and drinking water management chemicals. These products are specially designed for use in water treatment and desalination plants.

Extend the life of your equipment

Keeping equipment clean can be vitally important to process efficiency. Thanks to cleaning services, process surfaces are restored to optimum condition, which in turn reduces maintenance costs and extends the life cycle of equipment. And, by saving on energy costs, you will also be saving on operating costs.

  •  They propose refurbishment solutions that meet your needs in terms of turnaround time, budget and applications.
  •  They follow proven methods in accordance with the highest quality standards and sanitary regulations.
  • They use original spare parts.

Maximize your production yield

Maximize your production output and avoid consequential damage and accidents by having your equipment serviced by the expert who assembled it. From our state-of-the-art facilities, strategically located to be close to you, we provide services that extend the life of your machines and keep them at peak performance.

  •  They inspect equipment and recommend repair work.
  •  Weld areas damaged by mechanical, chemical or erosion.
  •  They repair equipment, replace unsafe and worn parts as needed and reassemble equipment.
  •  Rebalance the machines, if necessary.
  • They perform tests depending on the equipment.

A smart choice

Maximize your production output and avoid consequential damage and accidents by having your equipment serviced by the expert who assembled it. From our state-of-the-art facilities, strategically located to be close to you, we provide services that extend the life of your machines and keep them at peak performance.

  • Incomparable quality Designed for durability, reliability and productivity, our spare parts prove time and again that they deliver maximum performance. Manufactured to specific specifications, Alfa Laval spare parts have proven their quality in laboratory and material tests, as well as on process lines around the world.
  • Traceability and certification Our spare parts are continuously improved to meet the highest quality standards and comply with various certification requirements and regulations, such as REACH. If required, Alfa Laval can provide full traceability certificates for major spare parts for the food, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, marine and nuclear power industries.

Designed to simplify maintenance

Alfa Laval service kits for planned maintenance have been developed based on all these years of experience. They are intended to help you perform a planned service on a machine in the shortest possible time. They include everything you need for all specific services, as well as all the latest spare parts, to extend the service life of your equipment and ensure that it performs at its best with the latest technology.

Safety, protection and quality with the right tools

A cost-effective alternative that ensures fast availability